Desmond Surujbali

Florida Real Estate Leader Desmond Surujbali

Desmond Surujbali is the owner and operating manager of Sweet Living, Inc., in Brandon, Florida. An accomplished real estate entrepreneur, he has handled a wide range of responsibilities for a range of residential and commercial projects. Desmond Surujbali's responsibilities at Sweet Living range from marketing and leasing units in mobile home communities, commercial properties, and industrial properties to leading construction activities.

To optimize efficiency, Mr. Surujbali has personally developed a number of managers and key personnel who are capable of supporting and executing his mission without supervision. That said, his daily responsibilities range from securing financing for new acquisitions to ensuring all Sweet Living landscaping is up to standards.

Desmond Surujbali holds a degree in accounting from Queensborough College in New York. Outside of his work as the owner and operating manager of Sweet Living, he is an award-winning philanthropist who has contributed a significant amount of money to local causes and institutions, including hospitals and food banks. He also uses his position at Sweet Living to provide affordable living opportunities to residents in the Brandon, Florida area.

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Desmond Surujbali
Brandon, FL US